BIZ continues to invest in the latest engineering technology to ensure the highest quality and widest specification of product are available to our customers. Our company processes are structured to provide quality and traceability. We manage projects from initial design concept right through to manufacture of prototypes, batch or high-volume quantities. BIZ can also combine various subcontract supply chains to reduce the burden on our clients having to liaise with multiple companies.


Our experienced in-house design team allows us to take a concept from a client brief through to full production. BIZ uses the latest SolidWorks 3D modelling package and 2D CAD packages. This allows us to provide everything from conceptual visuals, full engineering drawings & CAD data. We also have a pair of 3D printers allowing components to be modelled from a plastic substrate and tested ahead of full manufacture, this reduces the need for expensive prototypes to be machined.


We operate three flatbed laser cutting machines with automatic pallet changers. These machines will comfortably cut up to 20mm mild steel, 12mm stainless steel, 10mm aluminium and 6mm copper & brass. The laser cutting process leaves no burrs or cutting residue therefore leaving the parts safe to handle. We also have our own nitrogen generating plant on site. By generating nitrogen in-house we can reduce our operating costs and pass these savings on to our customers. We offer laser cutting as part of a general fabrication package and also as a standalone cutting service.


To further complement our profiling facilities, we have a CNC punching machine capable of punching sheet up to 4 metres in length. The punch has the facility to tap and/or countersink holes therefore removing a potential production process. Due to quick set up and high cutting speeds, punching is ideal for all volumes.


Our 6 multi axis press brakes vary in size up to 4 metres giving us the ability to bend a wide range of high accuracy parts. All the machines have their own complete package of tooling. Our press brake team are focused on accuracy, with years of experience fabricating sheet metal components.


BIZ has MIG, TIG and ARC welding capabilities. Our dedicated team of welders have many years experience fabricating complex assemblies. BIZ are committed to employing only the most highly skilled welders available. We are particularly proud of our stainless steel welding capabilities.


We are not constrained to metal parts; BIZ can cut a variety of plastics including Acrylic, Styrene and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), at wide ranging thicknesses using our in house CNC router. With our experience in plastic bending we can offer some complex and durable products that aren’t suitable in metal.


BIZ has recently invested in a self contained bead blasting unit capable of finishing products up to 4 metres by 1.5 metres.


Working with our approved sub-contractors we are able to offer a wide range of additional services including: powder coating, plating, galvanizing, polishing, machining, heat treatment, wire bending and spinning.


Our production processes conform to ISO 9001:2015 and we continually strive to improve and adapt to insure we offer the highest quality and traceability on everything that leaves our factory. Bespoke customer inspection processes are put in place to ensure each part meets the customers approval.

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